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Who We Are?

Gankyil Organization is a community studying and following the Buddhist teaching in English, Chinese and Tibetan languages under the guidance and direction of Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche. Inspired by the word “Gankyil” (lit. wheel of joy), we are passing on authentic Tibetan Buddhism, spreading Buddha’s teachings of peace, wisdom, and joy. And yet, we are open to all Buddhists schools and traditions, as well as other sources of inspiration including latest scientific discoveries. For people who are interested in Buddha Dharma, Gankyil keeps exploring new ways to make Dharma really beneficial to people’s life in various aspects. For people who aspire to follow the Buddha’s path, Gankyil offers a complete path of study and practice towards enlightenment.

Our Name

Gankyil is a term that derives from Tibetan language, literally means “wheel of joy”. The first character “Ga” means Joy – a positive attitude and peace of mind produced by wisdom insights; and “kyil” means to rotate – fearlessly taking un-harmful actions based on knowledge of interdependence. In Dzogchen, the highest teaching in the Buddhist tradition of Tibet, Gankyil has a deeper connotation: it symbolizes “the ground view, the path of meditation and the fruit of action”, three different aspects explaining the ultimate nature of our mind. All the teachings of Buddha are directed towards realizing this ultimate nature, the self-perfected inseparability of the primordial state of omniscience or enlightenment, which transcend all the limits, even the religion itself.

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