Hearing, Contemplation, and Meditation

The very way to make change happen.


Dharma Teachings

Wisdom and enlightened qualities come from hearing, contemplation, and meditation. With a genuine attitude, Dharma teachings have the power to shift your mind into a more positive track—happier, more open, and more confident.

Upon requests from many people, Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche has given many teachings (for certain teachings, multiple times) in the past. Here is an incomplete list. We are gradually making them available to the public in the form of audio recording and/or text transcription.

Current Teachings (2018)
  • “Way of Bodhisattva” by Shantideva, with commentary by The Dalai Lama.
  • Teachings on “The Aspiration of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra” 《普贤行愿品》(in Chinese)
  • And more…
Past Teachings
  • The Practice of the View, Meditation, and Action, Called “The Sublime Heart Jewel” – The Speech Virtuous in the Beginning, Middle and End by Patrul Rinpoche (in Chinese) 2017
  • The Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrul Rinpoche 《普贤上师言教》 —the essential set of practices turning the mind to the path of enlightenment and maturing the mind for Dzogchen teachings. In Chinese: 2016-2017, 2015, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • Stages of Meditation by The Dalai Lama—principles of meditation explained based on the middle section of the Bhavanakrama by Kamalashila. In English: Apr. 2016 – Aug. 2016 (part 1); In Chinese Language: Apr. 2013 – Jan. 2014.
  • The Hundred Verses of Advice—Padampa Sangye’s classic verses of advice to Tibetan villagers of Tingri, expounded by renowned and beloved meditation master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. In Chinese: Apr. 2016 – Aug. 2016
  • Letter to a Friend—a shastra by Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna (1st – 2nd century A.D.) wrote his celebrated poem Letter to a Friend as a letter of advice to his friend King Gautamiputra/Satavahana. This advice gives a concise and comprehensive introduction to the entire path and practice of Buddhism. In Chinese Language: Jan. 10, 2015 – Jun. 6, 2016
  • Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattvas. In English: Jan. 2014 – May. 2015, In Chinese: Aug. 2014
  • Seven Points of Mind Training, the famous instruction on lojong (mind training) brought to Tibet by Lord Atisha and written down by Geshe Chekawa. In Chinese: Nov 2015 – Jan 2016
  • Self Guidelines by Patrul Rinpoche. In Chinese: Oct 2014 – Mar 2015
    Compassion in Tonglen Practice, taught in English at Jiokji Zen Center: Mar 22-29, 2015
  • Parting from the Four Attachments by Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen, taught in English at Jikoji Zen Center: Dec 31, 2015
  • Aspiration Prayer of the Pure Realm of Sukhavati by Karma Chagme
  • Similes of Trees and Water or Treatise on Water and Wood by Gungthang Tempe Dröme
Past Guided Practices
  • Mindfulness meditation
    In English: Nov 2015 – Jan 2016
  • Shamatha Meditation
    In English: Jan – Mar 2015, May 2015, Feb – Apr, 2012 In Chinese: Apr – Aug 2016
  • Dzogchen Longchen Ningtik Phowa practice (transference)
    In Chinese: Jan-Feb 2015, Jul 2014
  • Vajrasattva practice