Many Ways to Support 护持喜旋

There is not only one way to help us better spread the wisdom and compassion.


Donation 捐赠

From one penny to millions of dollars, from a piece of paper to acres of land, offerings from donors and patrons made possible the continuation of the precious spiritual assets.

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Voluntary Work 义工

Can not financially support us? You can always help our organization running through working on interesting and meaningful projects!

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AmazonSmile 亚马逊购物

Set up AmazonSmile and simply use every time you make a purchase on Amazon. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our organization (shown as Tibetology Inc).

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Become Friends of Gankyil 喜旋善友

Friends of Gankyil donate regularly to cover the essential cost of the operation of Gankyil Organization. Your tax-deductible donation will contribute to inspiring more people in a broad way, and bring peace to the world.


  1. Gankyil Offerings 佛堂供养

    The dana offering. 佛堂供养。
    $6,115.00 donated
  2. Freeing lives

    Freeing lives 放生

    Our monthly event of freeing lives. Please let us know if you have special causes for praying. 月度放生活动,请告诉我们您特别的回向要求。
    $551.00 donated

You will receive receipts through email if you donate online (Credit card and Paypal). For check donations, the cleared check (usually available in through online banking) can be used as a receipt. You can also ask for a receipt from our staff.

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请在相遇的项目下点击 “Donate”,在弹出窗口中选择一次性(One Time Donation)或每月(Monthly Donation)捐赠以及捐赠的美元金额。填好个人信息,捐款渠道建议用信用卡(Credit Card),其他渠道请联系我们。填好信用卡号、失效年月和安全码后,点击即可捐赠,随机会收到确认邮件(可作为收据)。支付网络有 SSL 加密确保安全。

Note: please email [email protected] if have special requirements about your donation.
注:如果需要指定捐款用途,请邮件 [email protected] 告知我们。

Volunteer Work 义工

To make the precious Buddha dharma accessible to everyone, and to inspire others through wisdom and compassion, we need your help. 


Types of tasks include:

  • Web design, development and maintenance.
  • Audio transcription, text translation and text editing
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Audio and video editing
  • Audiobook narration

Please talk to us if you have an interest!