Tersar Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche

Tersar Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche was born into the Khangsar tribe of Golok, a pastoral, nomadic society in eastern Tibet. His Dharma name is Padma Thubten Rigdzin. He was recognized by Gonma Khenpo Lotsul as the reincarnation of Tulku Dorje Dradul aka Tulku Dordra (1892-1959), son of Dudjom Lingpa, a major Dudjom Tersar lineage holder. 

Following a Buddhist yogic tradition, Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche started his Buddhist training and guidance since a very young age, under Terchen Tashi Phuntsok and Tulku Tenpé Wangchuk. Both of them are great accomplished spiritual masters in Tibet. Later, he studied with many other great masters of all Tibetan Buddhism schools, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok in Larung Gar Buddhist Academy. In 2005, Rinpoche went to Beijing and studied at Peking University for a master’s degree in philosophy. In 2007, he came to the U.S., and keep on interacting with teachers, scholars, and professors working on Buddhism and related fields. He has traveled to many places around the world including France, Denmark, India and Canada to give Dharma teachings and build connections with people. He resides in San Francisco Bay area, where he established the Tibetology Organization dba Gankyil Organization. 

Rinpoche has received numerous precious lineage transmissions with explanations, empowerments, and pith instructions from many great masters with utmost grace:

  • Authorized by Lama Tashi Phuntsok to teach all his terma teachings;
  • Received Dzogchen pointing out instructions and the transmission of the Chöd practice from Lama Tsultrim Tenpa;
  • Received teachings and transmissions from Gonma Khenpo, including The Single Son of the Buddha’s Tantra;
  • Received empowerment and complete transmission of Longchenpa’s “Four Sections of Nyingtik” from Tulku Theglo;
  • Received empowerment and oral transmission of Dorje Dradul Dharma Collection from Lama Otse, who requested Rinpoche to pass on the dharma lineage;
  • Received “Yeshe Lama” and other Dzogchen Trekchö and Tögal pith instructions from Lama Tenpé Wangchuk, and according to Lama’s aspiration, promised to build a dharma center in the future;
  • Received Kalachakra empowerment from Gongthang Tsang;
  • Received various Sutra and Tantra teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Now, Rinpoche is dedicated to promoting Buddhism in an accessible and understandable way, such that modern people will be benefited from the immeasurable wisdom and compassion.

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