Authentic compassion knows no fear and stays unchanged 真正的慈悲心無畏無懼始終如一

By Yingrik Drubpa Rinpoche 作者  央瑞智巴上师 Compassion is not something embraced when a compassionate mind or behavior brings temporary joy and positive results, but rejected when it leads to a temporary suffering and loss. 慈悲心,不是當慈悲的心行帶給自己暫時的安樂和收獲時就擁抱慈悲心,而當慈悲的心行帶給自己暫時的苦痛和損失時就舍棄慈悲心。 Authentic compassion knows no fear and stays unchanged whatsoever. It does not rise and fall […]

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The so-called “I”

To practice dharma, one should understand that the so-called “I,” is in fact the physical and functional appearance of the body (the “self,” consisting of form, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness), and it is only an illusory projection of temporary causes and conditions (dualistic functioning between self and phenomena).

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Tonglen Practice of Compassion


Tonglen is the practice of ‘giving’ or ‘sending’ (tong) happiness and wellbeing and ‘receiving’ or ‘taking’ (len) pain and suffering. It is part of the instructions on ‘mind training’ (Tib. lojong) brought to Tibet by Lord Atisha, and is specifically related to relative bodhichitta. Put very simply, the Tonglen practice […]

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