The so-called “I”

To practice dharma, one should understand that the so-called “I,” is in fact the physical and functional appearance of the body (the “self,” consisting of form, feeling, perception, mental formations and consciousness), and it is only an illusory projection of temporary causes and conditions (dualistic functioning between self and phenomena).

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Song of Three Jewels 三宝歌

Master Hongyi (弘一大师), born Li Shutong (李叔同), is a great Buddhist monk in Chinese history. He was born in 1880 and passed away in 1942. He had a legendary life in that he is a polymath and great Buddhist master. “He was what you might describe as the great all-rounder of early twentieth century China—writer, […]

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Tonglen Practice of Compassion


Tonglen is the practice of ‘giving’ or ‘sending’ (tong) happiness and wellbeing and ‘receiving’ or ‘taking’ (len) pain and suffering. It is part of the instructions on ‘mind training’ (Tib. lojong) brought to Tibet by Lord Atisha, and is specifically related to relative bodhichitta. Put very simply, the Tonglen practice of giving and receiving is […]

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